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David Puglisi

Personal Training Director
Phone: 607-793-3227
B.S Sport Management

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Human Movement Specialist-Brookbush Institute

After years as director of a successful personal training facility in Pennsylvania, David is bringing his sports performance expertise to Vero Fitness team. With several years of high school coaching experience in lacrosse and tennis, David knows what it takes to be a successful athlete. He is passionate about helping others achieve their health and wellness goals. As a personal trainer, David has worked with clients ranging from 7 to 90 years old in private or small group setting. With a focus on human movement, David individualizes each program to correct muscle imbalances and achieve peak physical performance.

Barbara Casper

Certified Personal Trainer
Phone: (772) 567-1400
NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine

I have been working out and pumping iron all my adult life and had the benefit of training with two professional body builders, who competed and won numerous contests all over the United States and ended up in Muscle magazine. They were diligent and detailed.

I also managed a gym in Key Biscayne for a number of years but came to realize that there is nothing more gratifying and rewarding then helping someone metamorphosis into a better and healthier lifestyle. Age is not a barrier. The young, the mature or the immature.

It's never too soon, or too late.

Luke Fallis

Certified Personal Trainer
Phone: 772-559-1980
Received my Personal Training Certification in 2018 through NASM. Attended University of Central Florida from 2000-2003 and played defensive end from 2000-2002. Received an Associates in Arts Degree from Indian River State College (2004).

Whether it’s to get stronger and faster for a sport or just get in shape and be healthy I want to help you. I have experience in strength training, football, basketball, track, as well as surfing, and paddle boarding. My goal is to help clients reach their potential! It feels good to be a positive part of someone’s life and health. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes and results my clients want!

Any time you see me in the gym and have a question, please ask. I’d love to help. Contact me if you would like a consultation or free assessment.

Kaylan Keathley

Certified Personal Trainer
Phone: 863-781-5788
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

ISSA Specialist in Exercise Therapy

ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist

Advocare Independent Distributor

Kaylan is a native of Florida and grew up in Vero Beach, Florida. As a youth she was very involved with the community and is now excited to be serving her home town once again.

Kaylan has been working as a personal trainer since 2013 and since becoming a trainer Kaylan has successfully worked with a wide variety of clients including both men and women (of all ages), youth and weight management clients alike but she has found a special niche working with seniors and clients with injuries, physical impairments and pre surgery/post physical therapy.

"I really enjoy working with this clientele" Kaylan says; "I'm always impressed with the effort they put in and it is so rewarding to work with them and see their results change their lives! I think I share a similar work ethic with these individuals... and it shows in what we are able to accomplish together."

She is currently working to finish her ISSA Master Trainer Certification.

Schedule a free consultation with Kaylan today to find out more about our extensive personal training options and the highest quality training services available!

Leigh Ann McKinney

Certified Personal Trainer
Phone: 772-475-2279
B.S. Dietetics & Institutional Administration

NPC Jr Nationals 3rd in Class 2009

Certified Personal Trainer

Nudge Health Coach


These are the reasons I fell in love with fitness & why I continue to adopt healthy lifestyle changes today.

Exercise, along with healthful eating & support from friends & family, has helped me to overcome many challenges in life. And that’s why I have made it my career to help others live to the fullest by making small behavior changes -one by one- that add up to success, self-confidence & satisfaction

After 13 years as a health professional, my focus is to improve overall quality of life for my clients. We will work together to outline the most effective program for your fitness level & goals and using the Nudge Health App which allows me to follow your progress inside & outside of the gym by syncing with your smart phone or wearable device.

Freddy Vega

Certified Personal Trainer
Phone: 772-626-2733
Freddy has been a Personal Trainer since 2004 working mostly in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Now in Vero Beach, Freddy is very excited to progress his career within Vero Fitness! His knowledge and skills as a Massage Therapist combined with his extensive career as a Personal Trainer, Freddy's knowledge of the human body and body mechanics are second to none! Throughout his career he has found two areas in training where his talents and results shine above the rest...weight loss and functional body mechanic training. Functional body mechanic training has a huge emphasis on understanding how the body works, and addressing all forms of training from this understanding to create better form and function of the body as well as getting the most results out of your training efforts! It will not take you long learning from this body mechanic master to feel the difference and see the results! If you are looking to eliminate pain, lose weight, reshape your body, improve posture, form, technique, and performance...contact Freddy today for a free consultation!

Darren Walker

Certified Personal Trainer
My passion for personal training began in 2007. Since 2010, I have been a certified personal trainer utilizing various philosophies from my experience working with physical therapists, yoga instructors, professional bodybuilders, and many more. Some personal highlights were winning 1st Place in Miami for Physique Bodybuilding and 2nd Place for Classic Physique. My personal journey and experience training clients with diverse goals has enabled me to be a forever learner and create a motivating training environment that clients love!